Volkswagen withdraws 1.1 million vehicles of the market

German giant is always been known for top-quality vehicles, and this is the reason why recent news about recall surprised everyone. Popular automotive manufacturer withdraw around 400,602 VW Jettas, for 2011-2013 model year, and around 41,663 Volkswagen Beetle and Beetle Convertible vehicles, manufactured between 2012-2013 for the US market. The recall also includes 126,000 units of the same models in Canada.

Volkswagen Front

Earlier on, Volkswagen made the same announcement, regarding the China market, where it announced the recall of 581,090 vehicles, which included same models and production years. According to Volkswagen press release, the company decided to do so as a precautionary measure, to prevent problem with rear suspension trailing arms.

The main issue with these models is that a rear or a side-rear collision impact could cause damages on the rear suspension trailing arms, which could potentially lead to crash. The reason for this is that, if not detected and repaired on time, trailing arm could break during the ride, which would jeopardize the stability of the vehicle.

Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen’s solution:

As reported in their press release, brand’s authorized dealers will check the vehicles which have been suffered rear or side-rear collisions for trailing arms damage assessment. If there is no damage on this part, Volkswagen dealers will place sheetmetal inlay on the rear trailing arms which will make a unique sound, in case of a collision, that will indicate the driver that its vehicle should be inspected. Off course all reparations which are included into this process will be free of charge.

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