Tesla Model X production delayed

Tesla Model X production start is delayed once again. American car producer Tesla Motors presented its Model X back in 2012, at LA Auto Show, and the beginning of the serial production is awaited since then. The company already delayed the start of production of the model, and in June this year, they stated that the production will finally begin early on next, 2015, year. However, the latest news from the company pushed this date by 6 months, and announced it for the third quarter of next year.

Tesla Model X Front

Tesla Model X is a full-size crossover utility vehicle (CUV) developed on the full-size sedan platform of the Tesla Model S. The two models share more than a platform, in fact they have 60% parts content in common.  Model X features unique gullwing/falcon rear doors which use dual hinges to decrease opening and closing arcs in tight spaces.

Tesla Model X Side

When the model was announced, it is said that it will contain couple of versions, which will include battery packs range from 60-kWh to 85-kWh. Its performance version will be able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. This CUV will offer four-wheel drive as well as few seating arrangements which will include three-row seats option, which would provide enough room for up to 8 passengers.

Tesla Model X base price should start at around $71,000, while Performance edition will be much pricier, and will start around $96,000.

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