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2016 Ford Focus RS News, price and release

2016 Ford Focus RS Front

Prototype of the 2016 Ford Focus RS was spotted on the streets, and looks like rumors about its new generation are finally proved to be true. The changes will be extensive, while some sources indicate that new Focus RS could actually come as an all-wheel drive vehicle. Although RS model never reached the US market, looks like this time around some things will be changed. Ford’s “ONE Ford” plan, which includes same product line for all markets, will enable US customers to purchase their own 2106 Focus RS.

Is 2015 Lincoln Continental on its way?

2015 Lincoln Continental Front

Ford’s business plan regarding the sales of Lincoln models started some rumors about the return of the famous model, which ended its production almost a decade ago. 2015 Lincoln Continental could mark the return of an era, since new model could be launched really soon.

2016 Cadillac Escalade

2016 Cadillac Escalade Front

2016 Cadillac Escalade is still new and fresh, since it had a major redesign just a year before. Escalade is available in two version standard and ESV which is a version with extended wheelbase. Lavishing design of the 2016 Cadillac Escalade is the first thing you will notice, while its high luxury features, as well as interior and exterior will keep your attention for a long time. New model year doesn’t bring any major change, but couple of cosmetic touches in order to make a difference between the previous model. These changes include few more exterior color choices, and couple of features.

2016 BMW X5

2016 BMW X5 Front

2016 BMW X5 will not bring anything spectacular, at least in its base trim. Recent redesign of the popular SUV is the main reason for its low level of changes prepared for new model year. However, Bavarian car producer didn’t leave things so simple. 2016 BMW X5 will bring couple of news. Its sportier variant “M” will be presented soon, with changes we couldn’t see coming. German giant managed to refresh its already refreshed model, with reveal of its performance-oriented trims.

2015 BMW X6 M Design Edition at LA Auto Show

BMW X6 M Front

This November, at the Los Angeles Auto Show we will be able to see couple of premiers, and one of those is all-new BMW X6 M. Aggressive front end and front grill that becomes the trademark for vehicle from the “M series” are all incorporated into this new model. Aerodynamic features became also the big thing when it comes to this model, since Bavarian car producer decided to make rear view mirror chassis and side panels as aero-dynamical as possible, so the speed of the vehicle will be unhindered.

2016 Acura MDX

2016 Acura MDX Front

2016 Acura MDX will not bring much news, primarily because the mid-cycle facelift is just around the corner, or to be précised, a year after, for 2017 model year. 2016 model will not be completely carried over, since the highly competitive market dictates some standards that forces the producers on constant improvements, even if there is no need for that. The MDX 7-seat three-row mid-size crossover will receive couple of improvements for 2016 model year, which will include one or two extra exterior color, and few features extra added on list of standard. Anything beyond that will probably have to wait for 2017 facelift.

New, 2015 Suzuki Vitara will be built in Hungary

2015 Suzuki Vitara Front

The biggest advantage for 2015 Suzuki Vitara among its rivals are its fuel-saving engines. On the other hand, Vitara has always offered high capabilities, both on and off road. Its production started back in 1988, and this compact SUV gained sympathies of the automotive world.

2016 Ford Bronco

2016 Ford Bronco Front

The production of the 2016 Ford Bronco is still uncertain, since Ford keeps info about popular SUV in secret. In its production Bronco had two eras, first when it was produced as mid-size SUV, and second when Ford presented it as a full-size SUV.

2015 Infiniti QX80 Limited

2015 Infiniti QX80 Limited Front

2015 Infiniti QX80 Limited is a brand new trim, introduced this year. It features the look of the regular Infiniti QX80, which received small facelift, regarding design of the exterior and interior, as well as improvements in high-tech features. Being the top of the QX80 line-up Limited version looks like pure luxury and row power. Main design changes are made on the front end of the vehicle, where you can notice the influence of the Q50 model.