2015 Chrysler 300

2015 Chrysler 300 Front

Latest Chrysler 300 will receive serious amount of changes, which was noticeable on the spy shots seen online. We can’t say that this broad range of changes is not expected, due to the fact that popular sedan is now in the middle of changing cycle. Chrysler’s 300 model came completely altered in 2011, and appeared on new markets with its refreshed style. Europeans saw for the first time this model in 2011, and it has been sold on that market with Lancia Thema nameplate, while the UK and South Corea citizens know it by the name Chrysler 300C.

2015 Ford Escape

2015 Ford Escape Front

Although 2015 model year didn’t brought much changes, and although those changes are mostly cosmetics, new Escape is still one of the most desirable compact SUVs on the market. Its, by far, biggest advantage among competition is its performance. If you research a little bit, you will notice instantly that all experts praise Escape’s sporty drive, performance and handling like very SUVs.

2015 Chevrolet Equinox

2015 Chevrolet Equinox Front

New model year hasn’t brought much news for Equinox. Chevy decided to change just few details. The big redesign is expected in next year or two, due to the fact that its second generation lasts for five years straight. For now, Chevy decided to refresh it, we believe that Its great sale and the growing trend of it, were main reason that Chevy continued production with only small moderation. To cut the story short, in next few lines you will be able to read what you can expect from latest Equinox and what is changed for 2015 model year.

2015 Audi A6

2015 Audi A6 Front

Audi is one of the top manufacturers, and due to that fact, everyone expect more from this producer, and it always meets expectations. After BMW and Mercedes released their sedans Audi had to catch them. All three manufacturers decided to change only few details and to add few high-tech features in order to keep their top place on the market.

2015 Acura RDX

2015 Acura RDX Front

Acura RDX remains unchanged for 2015 model year. It falls into small luxury crossover SUV category, and tough competition in that segment forces Acura to always be on top of its feet. New RDX is available in two trim levels which include base and base with Tech Pkg. Differences between trims are in features, while performance, and drive system is the same on both levels. Front-wheel-drive is standard for all RDX variants, while all-wheel-drive is available as optional.