Nissan, Honda and Chrysler feature sales increase in U.S.

Bunch of favorable circumstances have contributed to the great sales results of Nissan, Honda and Chrysler companies in the U.S. To specify, gas price in the US has decreased, and favorable situation in economics provided great sales results for these three companies. Market demand for pick-up trucks and SUV models was significantly increased due to these facts, which was recorded in sales numbers.

Chrysler cars

Chrysler Company released info that its sales rates stated growth of 22% in October, and that it sold 170.480 vehicles. The company officials added that this numbers are the best October number since 2001.

Nissan and Honda also had the same news. These two companies stated that October 2014, was the best October in their history, when it comes to sales results. Nissan stated the growth of 13%, while Honda had slightly less – 6%.

Car sales

Some other car producers that featured some serious increase of sales, include Subaru, since its models featured 24.7% increase, compared to the same period last year, but also Maserati and Mitsibishi. Nissan sales result also included Infiniti, while Chrysler sales result include Fiat.

However, October was not so great for all car producers since American giant, Ford, stated fall of 1.7%, as well as Mazda (4.8%), Jaguar Land Rover (19.8%), as well as some others.

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