Next-generation Ridgeline UPDATE

Honda released the teaser image for its Next-generation Ridgeline which will be launched as 2016 model. Based on this image, seems like the rumors surrounding the model were mainly true. 2015 model was skipped, so that Honda’s designer could focus on complete redesign of the model. Current generation lasted for a decade, which is pretty long in today’s automotive market. As such, the Ridgeline was a step behind its competitors, which was visible on its sales charts.

Next-generation Ridgeline teaser 1

New generation Ridgeline will share some styling cues with 2016 Honda Pilot. Overall body shape is pretty changed, as we expected from earlier teaser, released in 2013. Bed was extended, and body shape is more rounded than before. These changes resulted in more attractive and more modern design of the model, which now has more traditional pick-up shape. Next-generation Ridgeline is more practical and better looking.

The difference between the current and upcoming Ridgeline is obvious in the picture above. But the two will not differ only in design. Under the hood, we expect new, 4-cylinder engine and 9-speed transmission. Platform which will underpin the Next-generation Ridgeline will be shared with new Pilot SUV. Closer info about the model will be released later on.

Next-generation Ridgeline teaser

Honda didn’t precise when the model will be released, but it is expected to be available sometime during the summer this year 2015. Price of the model still isn’t released, but the model is expected to cost around $35,000.

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