Mazda6 Coupe will be presented for 2016 model year?

Looks like Japanese auto producer decided to present its Mazda6 Coupe for 2016 model year. Current Mazda6 generation consists of two versions of the popular vehicle, as sedan and wagon, but this time Mazda plans to challenge the competition with its Coupe model.  Its direct rival will be BMW-4 Series Coupe.

Mazda6 Coupe

When it comes to styling components of the new model, we can expect more aggressive and sportier appearance. Two-door Mazda6 Coupe will have lower hood and more noticeable fenders, designed to attract the attention. The biggest difference, as expected will in body shape of the vehicle, since the rear end will be adjusted to fit the Coupe standards.

Beside regular Mazda6 Coupe variant that will be launched, Japanese producer will probably release sportier variant of this model, so we can look forward to stronger MPS version with more power and aggressive and sporty styling cues that will be great addition and attraction for younger population of customers.

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