Grand Cherokee redesign comes in 2019?

News about redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee came from the Jeep CEO Mike Manley who indicated that this SUV may come fully redesigned in 2019. Just to remember, Grand Cherokee redesign was originally scheduled for the year 2017. This was announced last year, when Jeep revealed its five-year strategy, which included big changes for the Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2017.

Grand Cherokee redesign

Current Grand Cherokee has been available since 2010, and its generation switch is expected with 2017 model. Since the latest announcement indicates that SUV’s generation could last two years longer than we anticipated. The model will not stay the same, since Jeep officials stated that the model will be updated once more before the big redesign.

As one of the reasons for this delay experts stated the upcoming Wagoner, which is scheduled for 2018. Two models should be developed together, and share the updated version of the platform that currently underpins the Grand Cherokee.

Grand Cherokee redesign delay

Although news about delay of the Grand Cherokee redesign was slightly disappointing, plans about other Jeep models stay the same. This means that we can expect new compact SUV next year, which comes as a replacement for the Patriot and Compass models. In 2017 we can also expect redesigned Jeep Wrangler to hit the markets.

Jeep’s sales target is 1.9 million vehicles sold worldwide by 2018, seems to be going in the right direction. As Manley stated, this year sales rate was increased by 20 percent, compared to last year. Jeep Renegade started its production in Brazil. By the end of this year, Cherokee production will start in China, and production of the all-new model is expected to start in 2017 in India.

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