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Nissan, Honda and Chrysler feature sales increase in U.S.

Chrysler cars

Bunch of favorable circumstances have contributed to the great sales results of Nissan, Honda and Chrysler companies in the U.S. To specify, gas price in the US has decreased, and favorable situation in economics provided great sales results for these three companies. Market demand for pick-up trucks and SUV models was significantly increased due to these facts, which was recorded in sales numbers.

2017 BMW X2 and X2 Sport are coming soon!

2017 BMW X2 Front

Looks like 2017 BMW X2 and X2 Sport will be two new models, or variants of the same model, from the popular BMW. German giant announced earlier on this year that it plans to expand its X series family, and looks like we now have an idea when we can expect that reinforcement. The badge X2 BMW registered long time ago, back in 2012, and Bavarian producer said it plans to launch the model for 2017 model year.

Three custom versions of Ford Expedition ready for SEMA Auto Show

Ford Expedition DUB Magazine

Ford manages to surprise us constantly. American producer recently presented refreshed version of Ford Expedition and this time it cooperated with Tjin Edition, DUB Magazine and Vacaar in order to prepare and present three different versions of custom Expedition models. 

2015 BMW X6 M Design Edition at LA Auto Show

BMW X6 M Front

This November, at the Los Angeles Auto Show we will be able to see couple of premiers, and one of those is all-new BMW X6 M. Aggressive front end and front grill that becomes the trademark for vehicle from the “M series” are all incorporated into this new model. Aerodynamic features became also the big thing when it comes to this model, since Bavarian car producer decided to make rear view mirror chassis and side panels as aero-dynamical as possible, so the speed of the vehicle will be unhindered.

Mazda6 Coupe will be presented for 2016 model year?

Mazda6 Coupe

Looks like Japanese auto producer decided to present its Mazda6 Coupe for 2016 model year. Current Mazda6 generation consists of two versions of the popular vehicle, as sedan and wagon, but this time Mazda plans to challenge the competition with its Coupe model.  Its direct rival will be BMW-4 Series Coupe.

Subaru Forester STi – first glimpse ahead of its November reveal

Subaru Forester STi Tease

2015 Subaru Forester STi is set to be revealed on November 25th, and Subaru officials decided to show us how it will look, just a month before its big debut. Early on September, we had a chance to see Subaru Forester STi  tS concept, at the Motorsport Japan Festival. Comparing with the teased photo looks like we will see practically unchanged Concept vehicle.

Jeep CEO confirms the news about upcoming Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

After a long time of speculations we finally have some great news, when it comes to most talked-about SUV Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Lovers and enthusiasts have been waiting for Jeep to respond to their requests for new Wagoneer, for 20 years now. The nameplate of the iconic Jeep was withdrawn from the market, and now it is coming back in grand style, just like its name suggest.  

LeBron James is the ambassador for Kia’s K900

Kia K900

Famous NBA player is yet another world-famous athlete who signed a deal with South Korean car producer, this time for luxury sedan K900. Way to go Kia Marketing team! Although this might seem unusual, do not forget that Rafael Nadal, professional tennis player, Blake Griffin, another NBA player and Michelle Wie, LPGA golfer also are the members of the Kia’s small family of its sport’s ambassadors.

2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale A will be produced in only 499 copies

Ferrari 458 Speciale A Front

Sports cars lovers will be delighted found out that Ferrari released its 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale A (Aperta) model, the most powerful cabriolet made by popular Italian brand. For those who don’t know, the mark “A” stands for Aperta, which means “open” in Italian. This model will have some pretty great features, as expected from this outstanding model. The hard roof top will open in just 14 seconds, due to aluminum construction.

10 most economical non-hybrid vehicles – part 2

VW Golf mpg

No. 5 – Volkswagen Golf – 42 mpg

Volkswagen Golf with diesel 2.0-liter engine earned itself a place among top 5. Enormous popularity of these vehicles is based on its technical skills, but looks like VW decided to add yet another bonus when it comes to its Golf.