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2016 BMW 3-Series Facelift, changes, price, specs

2016 BMW 3-Series Front

2016 BMW 3-Series was recently spotted on the streets during testing, and both sedan and wagon variants will go through mid-cycle facelift. As visible on spy shots, 2016 3-Series is wearing camouflage on front and rear end, which indicates that intensity of changes, will not be as big. This is no surprise what so ever, since Germans usually make small refreshments with their exterior during facelifts. 

2016 BMW 5-Series Redesign, Specs and Release date

2016 BMW 5-Series Front

2016 BMW 5-Series will be launched as a representative of its seventh generation, which automatically brings big changes. The model went through the mid-cycle facelift for this, 2014 model year. German automaker is known for its aggressive styling and edgy lines, and new generation continues in the same spirit, with few alterations which are made in order to provide fresh look of the vehicle. This particular model is second best-selling model from BMW’s line-up, and it is available in sedan and touring body styles. The only BMW’s model that tops the 5-Series is its 3-Series.

BMW M4 Convertible gets Hamann treat

BMW M4 Convertible Front

German tuner,  Hamann, prepared a line of specially designed wheel for BMW M4 Convertible. The line has couple of wheel-sets available, designed in order to fulfill the desires of different types of customers. Both classic, and performance oriented look is included into the offer. Hamann released pictures of the BMW M4 Convertible with new wheels, painted in Sakhir Orange color. Completely three line of wheels is offered, including Formula line, Edition Race and Anniversary EVO line.

2016 BMW X5

2016 BMW X5 Front

2016 BMW X5 will not bring anything spectacular, at least in its base trim. Recent redesign of the popular SUV is the main reason for its low level of changes prepared for new model year. However, Bavarian car producer didn’t leave things so simple. 2016 BMW X5 will bring couple of news. Its sportier variant “M” will be presented soon, with changes we couldn’t see coming. German giant managed to refresh its already refreshed model, with reveal of its performance-oriented trims.

2017 BMW X2 and X2 Sport are coming soon!

2017 BMW X2 Front

Looks like 2017 BMW X2 and X2 Sport will be two new models, or variants of the same model, from the popular BMW. German giant announced earlier on this year that it plans to expand its X series family, and looks like we now have an idea when we can expect that reinforcement. The badge X2 BMW registered long time ago, back in 2012, and Bavarian producer said it plans to launch the model for 2017 model year.

2017 BMW X3 Changes

2017 BMW X3 Front

Bavarian car producers prepared a lot of changes for its 2017 BMW X3, since this model is set to start the new generation. Great line-up of SUVs under the badge of BMW, forces the SUVs from the X series to bring constant improvements, in order to set-apart from the competitors, and the rest of the family. With X1 right under, and the X5 just slightly above, 2017 BMW X3 was redesigned in a way to suit the needs of many, and to offer high level of quality and performance as expected from the brand.

2015 BMW X6 M Design Edition at LA Auto Show

BMW X6 M Front

This November, at the Los Angeles Auto Show we will be able to see couple of premiers, and one of those is all-new BMW X6 M. Aggressive front end and front grill that becomes the trademark for vehicle from the “M series” are all incorporated into this new model. Aerodynamic features became also the big thing when it comes to this model, since Bavarian car producer decided to make rear view mirror chassis and side panels as aero-dynamical as possible, so the speed of the vehicle will be unhindered.

2016 BMW X1

2016 BMW X1 Front

2016 BMW X1 will present the beginning of the second generation, and it will bring major redesign for this SUV. The changes for new model year, and new generation include change of both platform and engine, as well as few other upgrades in performance and design of the vehicle. Styling alterations will not be massive, but will be noticeable.