2018 Bugatti Chiron Review, Engine

One of the most famous super car Bugatti Veyron will soon get a successor, and it will bite the new 2018 Bugatti Chiron. This super car will be even stronger and better than the Veyron and will be able to afford only exclusive buyers will be produced in only 500 copies, so that the real lucky ones will be able to get it. It is expected that the company Bugatti more effort and effort invested to create an even better car than what was Veyron and we can freely say that they had a difficult task.

2018 Bugatti Chiron Front

2018 Bugatti Chiron Exterior and Interior

The exterior design of the new 2018 Bugatti Chiron is reminiscent of the predecessor Veyron, there will be very small changes that will contribute to improved aerodynamics, which will improve for maximum speed and performance, which is really fascinating to just so many small details can improve the car. The front cover of this model will remain not changed, this model also will feature LED front and rear lights and a standard rear spoiler. To point out that this car is got its name after racing legend Louis Chirona.

The interior design of the new 2018 Bugatti Chiron will be oriented primarily to driver, in car like this will all agree that it is not required audio system, also do not need neither navigation, so all that this car will not even possess, will be equipped with the latest technologies, which will contribute to maximum enjoy driving and powerful sound engine that this car produces. There also will find a very comfortable sports seats upholstered in the finest leather, so in addition to incredible speeds that this car will reach, comfort will be ultimate. The interior of this model will be very sporty and elegant designed and it is expected that every owner of this car will be delighted.

2018 Bugatti Chiron Interior

2018 Bugatti Chiron Engine and Performance

Definitely the most interesting detail of the new 2018 Bugatti Chiron is surely its engine, there will be 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbocharged engine that will be able to develop a staggering 1,500 horsepower and will have a torque of 1491 Nm. This amazing engine will be mated to a 7-speed DSG automatic transmission and will have all-wheel drive. This super car will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.2 seconds and the top speed will be a phenomenal 290 mph.

2018 Bugatti Chiron Rear

2018 Bugatti Chiron Release and Price

According to the rumors, the new 2018 Bugatti Chiron is supposed to hit the market before the end of 2017. The price of this amazing car will be about $ 2.5 million.

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