2017 Scion FRS Review, Engine, Release

The brand new 2017 Scion FRS is a two door coupe from Toyota that perfectly combines luxury and spots car features in one sleek, stylish package. The 2017 FRS will have a completely redesigned body style that will reduce the drag thus improving economy and overall performance. It has a more aggressive and raw sporty look to it.

2017 Scion FRS Front

2017 Scion FRS Exterior and Interior

The overall aerodynamics and the bodylines of the 2017 Scion FRS have been restyled for a more sporty and aggressive look. It will have coupe roof lines and redesigned sculpted side panels. The 2017 Scion FRS will have a new larger and lower front grille. The body will be constructed using lightweight materials. The 2017 Scion FRS will have a new hood with integral vents for improved airflow. Sachs dampers may be a standard feature of the sports car which will have a reinforced sub frame. It will feature a rear diffuser and exhaust pipes at the corners at the rear. It will sport a set of brand new 17 inches wheels. The Scion will have a host of safety features which include stability management system, traction control, Emergency Assist and daytime running lights among others.

The 2017 Scion FRS will have a longer wheelbase than its predecessor and this will enable occupants, especially in the rear to enjoy more legroom. The sports car will be available in 7 different color options. The FRS will feature slightly flared fenders and an extended overhang at the back to complement its sporty look. The front and rear tail lamps will feature LED technology. The front fascia will have a larger and lower front grille. It has on open mouthed air intake system and a toned down and integral fog lamps.

2017 Scion FRS Interior

The 2017 Scion FRS will two seating rows and be able to comfortably seat a maximum of five passengers. It will have enough luggage space which can be increased by folding down the rear seats. It will have a user friendly 7 inch touch screen and will have a premium 6 speaker audio entertainment system. It will have integral Bluetooth technology and Android car functions. It will have a rear view camera. It will have integral USB ports.

2017 Scion FRS Engine and Performance

The new 2017 Scion FRS will have two engine options available. There will be a 2.0l liter flat four engine option available that will be coupled to an 8 speed automatic transmission. The power plant will be capable of developing 300 hp and a torque of 151 lb ft. The other option will be a 2.5 liter engine that will be available in either a six speed manual or automatic option. The sports car will have a maximum speed of 155 mph and will go from 0-60mph in 5 seconds. The sports car’s improved, aerodynamic body lines, and the incorporation of lightweight materials has improved the vehicles overall fuel economy by about 7%. It has a combined fuel economy that ranges between 25-28mpg, depending on the transmission.

2017 Scion FRS Rear

2017 Scion FRS Release and Price

The 2017 Scion FRS will be released later on in the year 2016, probably during the third quarter. It is estimated that the sports car will have an estimated price tag of US $25,000.

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