2017 Holden Colorado engine

The new 2017 Holden Colorado is going hit the market soon with several unique features and a stylish body. The new car is will have a slightly higher price than the previous models due to its advanced systems and latest features. The car shall also offer a wide range of safety features for its passengers. The manufacturing company is hopeful regarding the success of this new Holden model because since it will be equipped with almost all luxurious features with a revamped interior and exterior design.

2017 Holden Colorado Front

2017 Holden Colorado EXTERIOR DESIGN

The 2017 Holden Colorado will get a new and refreshed look with a beautiful front and rear end. There will also be new grille and a modified body that will attract most customers. The latest LED lights in the tail lights and head lights will also feature on this new model. The car shall also get a new chrome-meshed grille and side mirrors. 22-inch alloyed rim wheels shall be used on this model so as to make a very firm grip on the roads. The use of a fine quality metal for its body shall significantly reduce the car’s weight as well. A very charming exterior feature 2017 Holden Colorado is the fact that it shall come with new and exciting colors like white, blue and red. As a result, buyers can choose their own color of choice for this new vehicle.

2017 Holden Colorado Interior

2017 Holden Colorado INTERIOR DESIGN

The interior design of this car shall also undergo restyling that makes it more appealing. The interior will have comfortable seats while the engine is expected make less noise as compared to the previous models. The navigation system shall also face refinement and modification. The cabin shall be spacious so as to accommodate more passengers. Moreover, there will also be enough space at the cars back for the rear passengers to stretch their legs easily during long journeys. The latest technology shall also be introduced inside its cabin. The manufacturing company has also put emphasis on safety of passengers so that the security system includes a fire alarm, air bags and interior camera.


The engine associated with the 2017 Holden Colorado will be the 2.8 liters, Duramax 4 engine that shall be a turbo diesel. The inline of this engine is expected to be longitudinal and compact in design. The engine has the power of producing 197 horsepower and 368 pounds feet of torque. The engine has been paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission. Trucks having the standardized six-speed manual transmissions will be limited to 324 pounds feet of torque. This engine will also have the ability of providing you with the best experience even on rougher tracks.

2017 Holden Colorado Side

2017 Holden Colorado PRICE AND RELEASE DATE

According to the latest news, the new car will hit the markets at the end of 2016 as a 2017 car model. The expected starting price for the base level trim will be around 30,000 dollars while the higher end models will cost 40,000 dollars.

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