2017 Ford GT500 engine, price

Reports from Detroit have it that Ford is currently working on the 2017 Ford GT500 that is expected to steal the show during its unveiling. The car is set to have a super-light-weight body made from carbon fiber and A robust engine with an improved horsepower.

2017 Ford GT500 Front

2017 Ford GT500 Exterior and Interior

The 2017 Ford GT500 has a monocoque carbon fiber design that makes it easily recognizable and sets it apart from older Ford models. The mid-engine design gives the car a long wedge-like shape but with a slanting nose with dual ducts, creating a menacing look implying a road beast. Following the wedge shape to the rear, we get a more rounded and improved looking back with crisp cuts near the tail lights and with a set of wings for the extra downforce. At the middle, we get these huge rounded exhaust outlets mounted high-center and below them is a rear diffuser.

2017 Ford GT500 Interior

A view from the back is made iconic with the slanting glass top that gives a sneak-peak to the robust V6 that will be the powertrain to the 2017 Ford GT500. At the front, the windshield is sloped and rounded to cut drag and at the same time improve visibility. The wedge-like shape comes with it elegant upward swinging doors that make it easier to get in the car. The design of the 2017 Ford GT500 cockpit emphasizes on control and comfortability. With the fixed sitting position, drivers can adjust the pedals and steering wheel so as to get that driving position right no matter their size and shapes. The gauges are placed in one large LCD screen, each displaying various information. Depending on the driver’s preference and on driving conditions, different driving modes can be selected from a touch on a control and the same is displayed on the LCD screen.

2017 Ford GT500 Engine

The engine is an exciting part where Ford plans to blow everyone’s mind with a new version of a twin turbo, 3.5-litre Ecoboost V6 engine that promises 600 horsepower to the rear wheels. This power developed is due to the engineering brilliance from 2017 Ford GT500 with a couple of enhancements such as two turbochargers. To transform this power to the wheels is a seven-speed automatic gearbox topped with dual-clutch technology.

2017 Ford GT500 Rear

2017 Ford GT500 Release Date and Price

The 2005 Ford GT arrived on the market with a price tag of $150k so expect the price of the new Ford GT500 to range at $200k. The release date of the 2017 Ford GT500 is expected to be late 2015 though the precise date is yet to be known.

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