2017 Ford Focus exterior, engine

The ford manufacturing industry has for a while been making high sales with their Ford Focus models which are quite affordable. The 2017 Ford Focus is no different from its previous models when it comes to class and luxury. It has an enhanced performance and still amazingly pocket-friendly. For drivers who are looking for rallying kind of vehicles you can consider your search over since the 2017 Focus is the car for you.

2017 Ford Focus Front

2017 Ford Focus Interior and exterior redesign

The 2017 Ford Focus is a convenient and compact sedan that comes with new and improved features. It has been redesigned with a sporty like body. It comes with a sharp nose that the responsibility of handling its aerodynamic bodyline. The 2017 Ford Focus also comes on 19-inch wheels and it is expected to have changes when it comes to the grille, bumper and headlights. When it comes to its interior the 2017 Focus is expected to have high quality safety features as well as an executive interior decor. Some of its interior redesign specs include a keyless ignition system, remote controlled mirrors and windows, bluetooth network system and a journey control system. When it comes to the safety features the 2017 Ford Focus has stopping sensors and improved side and front airbags. It also comes with automatic rain detecting wipers.

2017 Ford Focus Interior

2017 Ford Focus Engine options

The 2017 Focus comes with impressive engine specs which include a 1 liter 1-3 engine option that has the ability to create 123hp, a 2 liter 1-4 engine option and a 2 liter engine option that can create over 160hp. Its transmission options include an auto-manual system, a manual system as well as system that has both a 5 speed and 6 speed auto systems. It has an impressing mileage of 27-28mpg when it comes to the city and 37-41mpg when it comes to the highway. However, this mileage only applies to its gas models only. The 2017 Ford will have a friendly fuel economy as a result of its impressive engine options as well as its various transmission systems.

2017 Ford Focus Price and release date

The 2017 Ford Focus comes in different model that bear different prices. Outlined are the models and their expected starting prices.

  • The 2017 Focus S Price – 17,600 dollars
  • The 2017 Focus SE Price – 18,900 dollars
  • The 2017 Focus Electric Price – 29, 700 dollars
  • The 2017 Focus Titanium Price – 23, 700 dollars

The 2017 Focus is expected to be released come 2016.

2017 Ford Focus Rear

2017 Ford Focus Competition

The 2017 Ford Focus is expected to face completion from the Honda Civic, the Toyota corolla, the Hyundai Elantra and the Chevrolet.

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