2017 Dodge Dakota Review, Engine

The previous models of Dodge Dakota shall get new faces, as the plans to release the 2017 model are almost complete. The model has undergone a tremendous history from 1987 to 2011 making a total of 3 generations, but due to the low rate of sales for the last generation, the company has stopped any more production. Lucky enough, the company has had a good history and a key role in the production of midsized pickups and the company prospects huge success in this 2017 Dodge Dakota.

2017 Dodge Dakota Front

2017 Dodge Dakota Exterior and Interior

According to some reliable sources such as Chrysler group, the new model will be on a Unibody platform. The new model will assume a completely new appearance, superior quality in both the interior as well as the output parameters. According to the initial presentations, the Dakota will be similar in Ridgeline models of the Honda motor company. As per the dimensions, it will be relatively longer than its predecessors will but quite heavier, these are some of the aspects that make Dakota outdo its’ competitors. The changes are meant to increase efficiency in fuel consumption as well as passenger safety. Additionally, some pleasing changes have been incorporated in the front part of the car, the grilles, and the headlights have been restructured in a way to improve the aerodynamics of new 2017 Dodge Dakota.

The new 2017 Dodge Dakota meets the demand for the current technology because the redesign of the interior part tells it all. The cabin will be more comfortable and more spacious as it is built with very high-quality materials. Additionally, the infotainment system has also been improved with the addition of more aesthetically pleasing installations, which rejuvenates and complements that pleasant feeling while driving.A high-quality sound, audio player, cruise control, safety systems, multifunctional steering wheel are just part of the equation.

2017 Dodge Dakota Interior

2017 Dodge Dakota Engine efficiency

The powertrain details remain the top secret for new 2017 Dodge Dakota, but there are expectations that the engine will have 3.7 liters v6 power unit as the base versions and 4.7 liters’ v8 as the more powerful unit. Although this is not quite a surprise because the competing models still attain that. The basic engine will be able to produce up to 210hp.in order to produce a stronger and more efficient truck, the 2017 Dodge Dakota has an engine that has been paired with an automatic of five- speed transmission or a manual with the six-speed transmission. It will have an average fuel -consumption rate of 30mpg and will have petrol and diesel variants in the engine.

2017 Dodge Dakota Side

2017 Dodge DakotaRelease date and price

The 2017 Dodge Dakota will be released in the last quarter of 2016, but sales are anticipated to kick off early 2017. The basic model is expected to be about $ 25000 and twice that for the top equipped model.

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