2017 BMW X2 and X2 Sport are coming soon!

Looks like 2017 BMW X2 and X2 Sport will be two new models, or variants of the same model, from the popular BMW. German giant announced earlier on this year that it plans to expand its X series family, and looks like we now have an idea when we can expect that reinforcement. The badge X2 BMW registered long time ago, back in 2012, and Bavarian producer said it plans to launch the model for 2017 model year.

2017 BMW X2 Front

Most recent info is that 2017 BMW X2 will be available in standard version as a five-door SUV, and in Sport variant with three doors which was fueled by recent registration of X2 Sport badge.  New model will probably be built on a UKL1 platform, and it will have most similarities with the X1, since the formula links two model, e.g. X3/X4 and X5/X6.

2017 BMW X2 Rear

The similarities between X1 model and X2 will not end with platform, since two models seems to be sharing the engines line-up as well. New SUV will also offer both front-wheel drive and xDrive. Standard transmission will be a 6-speed manual, while 8-speed automatic will be available as optional. 2017 BMW X2 Sport will be run by a four-cylinder engine with approximately 300 horsepower, while there is also a possibility for an X2 M version which would have around 375 hp. Plug-in hybrid variant is also planned.

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