2016 Toyota Prius Release date, plug in, spy shots

New model from Japanese producer, the biggest vehicle producer in the world, 2016 Toyota Prius will be massively changed. This model year will mark the start of fourth generation, and the end of the current, third, as well as the end of Prius as we knew it. The shape of the vehicle, which was its signature so far, will be changed, but not completely. With massive redesigns car producers always take chances and risk whether the car will be accepted.

2016 Toyota Prius Front

2016 Toyota Prius changes

Although spy shots of the redesigned Prius already emerged on the surface, little can be tell based on them. Toyota covered its upcoming hybrid model with heavy camouflage in order to keep things secret. Toyota’s NS4 hybrid concept car served as a guideline for 2016 Prius, although the model kept its iconic shape. There is more to its appearance than just recognizability. Toyota managed to create extremely aerodynamic vehicle, and that will not be changed with upcoming Prius.

Exterior changes will include lower placed hood and more straight up windshield. Engineers from Toyota did reveal some clues regarding the design. They said that new shape will be even more aerodynamic and that new approach will also improve handling of the vehicle.

Interior changes are also massive. Dashboard and instrument panel are revised. 2016 Toyota Prius will now have analog gauges, while info display will be repositioned and placed in the center of the dash. We can also expect more functional design on the inside, and easier approach to commands, as well as more comfort and better materials.

2016 Toyota Prius Rear

2016 Toyota Prius performance

The base engine for 2016 Toyota Prius will stay the same. A 1.8-liter four-cylinder gas powertrain will continue to deliver most power. Its output rates are unknown for 2016 model year, but we believe it will stay the same as for previous model, at 98 horsepower.

The changes in Prius’s performance will come from new electric motors which will be smaller but more powerful, as well as from its battery packages. Current  nickel-metal hydride battery pack will probably be available, while lithium-ion pack will probably be added also.

Seems like 2016 Toyota Prius will be able to offer all-wheel drive option for its customers, which would be great for bad weather conditions.

As far as fuel economy, Toyota usually improves each generation efficiency by up to 10 percent, which would mean that upcoming Prius generation will deliver around 55 mpg combined, which is pretty great.

2016 Toyota Prius Side

2016 Toyota Prius rivals, price and release

Prius competes with several groups of rivals, since it offers very long versions line-up. Two Ford models, including Fusion and C-Max, as well as Honda Fit and Honda Civic are some of the closest rivals of Prius. The release of the 2016 Toyota Prius is expected during the second half of next, 2015, year, but more probably late on. Prius’s release will be followed by release of its Prius C and Prius V models, as well as with plug-in model. Price of the model will start around $26,000.

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