2016 Tesla Model S engine, interior

Being the fifth model of its kind, the 2016 Tesla Model S is a car to behold thanks to its eco-friendly barge and yet remains to be a luxury car which also doubles as being stupidly fast. It has the looks and the performance can be expected to be up-to-date. Here is why the 2016 Tesla model S is a complete stunner.

2016 Tesla Model S Front

2016 Tesla Model S Exterior and interior changes

Looking at the 2016 Tesla Model S’s exterior you can expect it to remain true to its roots. However a few nifty changes here and there have been made to give it a hint of sophistication and forwardness. The headlights for one have employed a new LED pattern which goes all the way to make the 2016 Tesla Model S seem more mean and aggressive. Looking at the wheels, something new has been done to them too. They are a set of snazzy 18 inch alloy rim wheels and the tires have a reduced resistance while on the road. This means that the Tesla will be fast off its tracks.

2016 Tesla Model S Interior

The interior will make use of the same standard but nifty equipment i.e. a 17 inch interactive display unit which also doubles as a navigation system, an infotainment unit which will control a great deal of the vehicle’s functionalities and instead of the usual control dials the 2016 Tesla Model S will make use of a hexagonal display. Another thing which separates it from the previous models are the trimmings which will come in variants of aluminum, wooden and carbon fiber. The interior is well-spaced and allows for comfortable seats and more room for the knees. The boot space is bigger for luggage to be carried safely while the back children-seats still face each other but allow more space.

2016 Tesla Model S Engine options

The electric motor which the engine uses is similar to that of previous models. This powers the rear wheels and sees it reaches from 0 to 60 in well below 4.3 seconds for the high end models and 7 seconds for the base models. Again the high-end models are expected to be of 416 hp and have a torque 443 lb-ft while the base 2016 Tesla Model S models will have a 302 hp and a 371 lb-ft of torque. Due to its high speed safety features it will have a speed limit of 120/125 MPH. Being an electric driven vehicle, it charges fully within 8-10 hours connected directly to the wall. It’s all technical stuff really and the charging is affected by the amount of charge, temperature plus some more factors so it can charge for more or less than the reference time range.

2016 Tesla Model S Rear

2016 Tesla Model S Release date and price

The 2016 Tesla Model S is expected to hit the market by mid-2015 and will be released alongside the upcoming Model X. The base models are expected to start at a bid price of 70,000 dollars while the high end models will go for 100,000 dollars.

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