2016 Opel Mokka price, interior

The 2016 Opel Mokka will remain mostly unchanged compared with the 2015 model. Notable changes however will be done for the engine options and fuel economy. The Germans will give the next Mokka a more powerful engine promising efficiency, power and style brought by innovation and technology. The 2016 Opel Mokka will be that small SUV you want to test drive first before turning your head to its competition.

2016 Opel Mokka Front

2016 Opel Mokka Exterior design

The front fascia remains relatively the same with the wrap-around LED headlights and taillights. Perhaps a notable difference from the 2015 model is the front bumper that looks more curvaceous and stylish with rectangular fog lights. The tail bumper also has red lamps distinct to the 2016 Opel Mokka. The grille will borrow heavily from the 2015 model as the ovular shape remains. The sun roof provides a luxurious feel to the interior.

2016 Opel Mokka Interior

2016 Opel Mokka Interior design

Although not as spacious as the average SUV, this German machine prioritizes on comfort, style, luxury and prestige. The ergonomic seats provide certified comfort and the climate control system in this car is elaborate. The infotainment centre is highly accessorized with an MP3 player compatible radio, a powerful sound system, various inputs including a USB charging port, voice control for telephone and audio, SMS display on a 7’’ color screen. The screen also serves as a display for the rear view camera.

2016 Opel Mokka Engine and performance

The 2016 Mokka’s new engine is a 1.6 liter CDT-I turbo diesel engine capable of producing 160 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque. It has a 6 speed automatic transmission, engine with direct injection and it is able to hit 60 mph in 7 seconds from rest. This car will be famous for its eco-friendliness and low CO2 emission. Fuel economy on average is an impressive 25 kilometers per liter in the city and 30 kilometers per liter on the highway.

2016 Opel Mokka Redesign

The 2016 Mokka will receive a facelift regarding its style, comfort and what is under the hood. The fuel economy has improved thanks to the upgrade from 1.4 liter engine to 1.6 liter engine. That means more power as the 2015 model produces only 200 Nm of torque. The Mokka will ditch the halogen head lights and upgrade to LED for both front and back. It is expected that with the innovation that goes to building a new 2016 Opel Mokka, there will be improved driver assist features example a more sophisticated cruise control system, lane change assist, collision prevention system and improved aerodynamic features.

2016 Opel Mokka Rear

2016 Opel Mokka Release date and price

Not much is revealed about the 2016 Mokka release date, but it is expected mid next year. Although not officially announced yet, the price will be expected to start from $23,000, or few grands more.

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