2016 Mitsubishi L200 interior, engine

The 2016 Mitsubishi L200 is more rigid, powerful and comfortable than the previous models and is currently setting new standards in the market. This pickup comes with luxurious interior and exterior designs and features a high performing engine with excellent fuel economy.

2016 Mitsubishi L200 Front

2016 Mitsubishi L200 Interior Design

The interior design has been completely revised with some smart, soft-touch options. The center console is simple. There is a large display screen that is used to control the infotainment system of this vehicle.It offers a lot of space for both the driver and passengers as the cabin is roomy and durable. It comes with a leather multi-functional steering wheel, climate control, CD player, a digital audio broadcasting radio system, electric windows, electric mirrors and electric front seats.It also features other equipment such as, light sensors, air conditioning, satellite navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, excellent reversing cameras and cruise control. Safety kit includes traction control, 7 airbags and Trailer Stability Assist. The Titan model features privacy glass, lane departure warning, and the Mitsubishi Super Select system which lets you switch from rear wheel drive to four wheel drive.

2016 Mitsubishi L200 Interior

2016 Mitsubishi L200 Exterior Design

The 2016 Mitsubishi L200 is well illuminated with steel. It features the distinctive J line curve on its flank where the cab meets the load bay. It comes with an all new front end with a chrome grille and a little bit larger Bi-xenon headlamps. It also has a new bumper which offers a better departure angle, new taillights, and smart alloy wheels.

2016 Mitsubishi L200 Engine Options

The new 2016 Mitsubishi L200 has a 2.4Liter MIVEC 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine available in two different versions. The base version is capable of producing 151 horsepower and 280lb-ft of torque while the higher output version produces 178bhp with a torque of 430Nm. The engine also comes paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox. A 5 speed paddle shift auto is also offered. These enable the 2016 Mitsubishi L200 to be the perfect choice for long cruises or even for city driving. It’s also fitted with an Auto stop and Go stop system that provides better efficiency and less emission.

2016 Mitsubishi L200 Fuel Economy

The 2016 L200 has an excellent fuel economy compared to the previous models. The engine is very modern for a pickup with variable valve timing plus extensive use of aluminum and other lightweight material which promotes fuel economy. The weight savings helps the 2016 Mitsubishi L200 achieve 42.8mpg on the combined cycle with 173g/kmCO2 emissions.

2016 Mitsubishi L200 Side

2016 Mitsubishi L200 Release Date and Price

The 2016 Mitsubishi L200 has already been released and is currently available in the market. The entry-level 4Life trims basic price starts at approximately £20,000 but then there are the Titan, Warrior and the top spec Barbarian models which are also available for the buyers.

Generally, the 2016 L200 is better than the previous models. It offers decent body control through the corners and rides very smooth on good surfaces. If you believe in quality, then this is the perfect pick up you should go for and get the premium experience of its general performance.

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