2016 Mercedes E-Class Redesign

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most respectable automakers in the world, and its new models and redesigns always attract a lot of attention. 2016 Mercedes E-Class is no exception to that rule. This model will debut for 2016 model year as Concept, most likely, while the real model should be launched a year later. However, there are few sources indicating that 2016 E-Class will be a “real deal” meaning that new generation of the model will start, in fact, with 2016 model year. Whatever is the case, we can be sure only in one thing: that Mercedes E-Class is in final stages of its development. Here are the latest news and rumors surrounding the model:

2016 Mercedes E-Class front view

2016 Mercedes E-Class changes

The upcoming 2016 Mercedes E-Class was spotted on the streets while testing on several occasions. The spy shots taken during the testing, gave us pretty good inside about what we can expect from the new generation. Starting with the bottom up, 2016 E-Class will be built on a new rear-wheel-drive MRA platform. This platform already underpins the C-Class and S-Class. Moving on to the body of the model, we will see and feel various changes there also. It will include significant weights reduction, thanks to aluminum usage. It is expected that new E-Class will lose around 150 kg or 330 pounds.

Exterior of the new E-Class Merc will be quite different. Its somewhat boxy styling will be softened. New design will include sleeker lines and more curvaceous body lines, which will be noticeable turn-around from the previous models. This new direction in Mercedes E-Class look was created by design chief Gorden Wagener. The 2016 Mercedes E-Class line-up will include various body styles, including E-class saloon, E-class estate, E-class Coupe, and E-class Convertible.

Interior of the E-Class will feature similar changes as one found on the C-Class and S-Class. Bigger screen, more tech features, update of the existing ones, better materials, and more room are news we will see in the latest edition of this great line-up.

2016 Mercedes E-Class rear view

2016 Mercedes E-Class engines

Performance segment also brings interesting news. Mercedes-Benz decided to return its in-line six-cylinder engines, instead of V6s. These engines will be offered in both petrol and diesel variants. Diesel variant will be a 2.9-liter unit, which will come with two different outputs. One will have 313 horsepower and second 400 horsepower. First version will have two traditional turbochargers, while stronger will add two electric turbochargers for additional power.

Gasoline engine will be twin-turbocharged, 3.0-liter inline-six while its output should be the same as for stronger diesel unit, meaning around 400 horsepower. Petrol engines line-up should also include 1.6-liter 4-cylinder unit, which will be the weakest one, with 122 horsepower.

2016 Mercedes E-Class will include various more engines, but it is unclear which ones will be used. Fuel economy on the other hand will be improved significantly, thanks to weight reduction and other adjustments German giant made.

2016 Mercedes E-Class interior view

2016 Mercedes E-Class price and release date

2016 Mercedes E-Class Concept will debut at this year Frankfurt Auto Show, which will be held this September. When Merc releases the concept version, more details about production model will be revealed, and information will be more reliable. Price of the model will be bigger, and new 2016 Mercedes E-Class is expected to start around $55,000 for the sedan version and few hundreds more for the Coupe.

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  1. Behzad says:

    Interior looks very good , and i’m happy the analogue tachometer is back
    but in terms of exterior , it seems that M-B has lost the track of what it looks like to be a mercedes benz and more specifically a Mercedes-benz E Class !!!

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