2016 Lincoln MKT Engine, Performance, Specs

The new 2016 Lincoln MKT is one of the most remarkable vehicles on the marketplace since it attempts to be a bit more from the others. 2016 Lincoln MKT is a luxury sport utility car that is though not suitable for all. Dependable with the current knowledge, this 2016 model SUV will storm into the marketplace with power. Nevertheless, with very little change to the 2016 SUV model .Although the new Lincoln model comes with a little alteration in its price, purchasers can expect a much more constructive features incorporated in the car.

2016 Lincoln MKT Front


The exterior of the model is going to amaze since Lincoln finally decided to move from the previous 2-piece grille that had a low good look, to a new single piece grille that primary surface on this new model group Continental. This means that it would then receive smaller headlights, a more profile that is adamant adding up to the slightly raised ground clearance that categorizes it as an accurate crossover.


The interior of the 2016 Lincoln model comes with more internal car features when compared to the external changes. The greater equipments inside this new sedan are designed with helpful features by maintaining the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers. Some of these equipments found in the MKS models and MKX model are also available in the new 2016 model sedan. Nevertheless, this redesigned sedan will still make its interior more comfortable with some modernization. All the preferences including My Ford Touch offered by the system are well fitted into a comfortable and new deluxe Lincoln MKT.

2016 Lincoln MKT Interior


Concerning the engine, there is a probability of the car engine going to the best novel vehicles which are probably ready with Ford’s all Nano 3 -l twin-turbo charged, Eco Boost V6 which is said to have the fuel efficiency of the 2.7 l at the same time offering much power as the earlier 3.5- l V6. In fact, the car is expected to have a minimum 400 horsepower that would generate from MKT. The car is a front wheel drive that means it would be one the first to use the Ford’s 9-speed automatic transmission.

2016 Lincoln MKT Rear


The price tag of the new 2016 Lincoln model should not go beyond the price of the present model. Although the exact price and release date of this 2016 Lincoln MKT car is not known, bearing in mind the minor alterations, the car will be available on marketplaces at any time within 2015. The base model of the 2016 Lincoln MKT will on sale at a starting price tag of $ 46,000, while $ 60,000 will be for the luxuriant model.


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