2016 Lincoln MKS sedan Review

New version of this great sedan will come with numerous changes. Big redesign will mark the beginning of its second generation, since MKS is a young model on the automotive market. These last couple of months was filled with different rumors surrounding the 2016 Lincoln MKS. It is speculated whether it will be replaced or not, whether it will be majorly redesigned… etc. However, seems like the Lincoln is making a big comeback onto the market after some not-so-great period for the company. Beside various all-new models presented earlier, it now comes with a new generation of its flagship sedan MKS.

2016 Lincoln MKS front view

2016 Lincoln MKS exterior and interior

Although the MKS styling changes are not quite familiar yet, some things are. Its design will be made with Max Wolff as design director, which will mean some serious improvements (for those who don’t know Max was GM designer for Cadillac). This twist in design team will definitely being some fresh ideas, but according to latest sources, the look of the upcoming 2016 MKS will not be as different as the MKZ model, but rather more sophisticated and elegant.

The platform of the model will be shared with Ford Taurus, although some sources indicate that we might see the D6/CD6 architecture for the first time. Well, we won’t have to wait for much longer since its release is expected soon. Interior changes are not known, although we can expect high-end materials and soft and sleek appearance of the cabin. One thing we can be sure when we speak about any Lincoln vehicle is that it won’t miss any features.

2016 Lincoln MKS interior view

2016 Lincoln MKS performance

Under the hood, we can expect two engines for the 2016 Lincoln MKS. One is familiar EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6 engine with capacity to deliver up to 365 horsepower. Second available choice will be a 2.9-liter EcoBoost V-6 codenamed Nano, with capacity to crank out around 300 hp. As far as transmission choices, two are mentioned so far. One is a 6-speed automatic, and second is 9-speeder (automatic) co-developed by GM and Ford. According to latest information, new MKS sedan will offer rear- and all-wheel drive options.

For the moment we don’t have any closer info about the performance, but we will keep you updated about latest news.

2016 Lincoln MKS rear view

2016 Lincoln MKS release date and price

According to latest news, we can expect 2016 Lincoln MKS debut at the 2015 New York Auto Show, which is held in April, so we keep our fingers crossed. However it is unclear whether the production version or concept will be presented during this event. Sale is expected to start late this year, or early on next, 2016, while its price should start around $45,000, which is few grands more than the current model.

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