2016 Lexus TX crossover Interior, Price

The 2016 Lexus TX is an all-new model made by this luxury vehicle division of Toyota. The TX will be a three row crossover, which has been in Lexus’s plans for a while now. The company officials talked about the bigger SUV and their plans on producing one, due to the market demand. Those plans are about to be executed with the TX model. Although Lexus still keeps model’s specs secret, some things are known about the upcoming model.

2016 Lexus TX Front

2016 Lexus TX exterior and interior

When it comes to the design of the upcoming new three-row SUV, we can expect it to be the closes to the RX350 model. As the majority of luxury car producers, the Lexus also started the extensive usage of aluminum, in order to reduce weight. However this production lowers the weight, but increases the price, since aluminum is pretty expensive to use. 2016 Lexus TX will use the same platform as its relative Toyota Highlander, although some source indicate that the company may decide to go with architecture of IS and GS sedans.

Interior design and features are still unknown, but we can be sure that it will reflect Lexus’s recognizable style. Luxury finishes, top quality material and high-level technology are part of Lexus’s standard alignment.

2016 Lexus TX Rear

2016 Lexus TX engine and mpg

Info about the performance of the 2016 Lexus’s TX is still unavailable. There is no official info about the engines which will empower the upcoming TX SUV, but some rumors did appear. Among all info which circles the all-new TX, few are most likely to happen. The engine which will, most likely, empower this SUV is a 3.5 liter i-VTEC SOHC V6 with 290 horsepower with 247 pound feet of torque. The output may be slightly altered with power boosts.

Fuel economy will be average, while Lexus plans to offer a hybrid variant of the model, as well, in order to offer three-row SUV with the best fuel economy.

2016 Lexus TX Side

2016 Lexus TX competition

As primary rivals of the TX are Nissan Pathfinder, Honda Pilot and GMC Acadia. Beside these three, some luxury opponents are also Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz GL-class, and Infiniti QX60.

2016 Lexus TX price and release

Precise release date is unavailable, but we can expect it to appear during the second half of this year. The starting price is expected to be around $60,000, or slightly under that figure. This might seem pricy, but, at the end, Lexus is a luxury brand, and the equipment, as well as materials will make up for the amount.

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