2016 Lexus LS

2016 Lexus LS will bring exciting news for all fans of this brand and their sedans. New LS will be majorly redesigned, with improvements affecting almost every segment of the model. However, although its launch date is set for 2016, it is still unclear whether the model will be made for 2016 or 2017 model year. Until now, we’ve seen completely four generations of the model, and the 2016 Lexus LS will start the fifth one.  

2016 Lexus LS Front

2016 Lexus LS design changes

Current Lexus LS premiered back in 2006, fully redesigned, and until now, it had various upgrades and improvements done in order to keep the model competitive without bigger investment. For the new gen, Lexus plans thorough makeover, which starts with the platform of the model. New architecture of the LS will be shared with upcoming SC model.

Styling cues which will change the look of the LS as we know it were hinted by the Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe. According to him, new LS will be more elegant than before, with sleeker lines, and more subtle image overall. Not only front and rear ends will be different, but 2016 Lexus LS will come with new body shape, which will be designed in a way to provide high level of aerodynamics.

In line with exterior changes, interior will follow the theme which will be used by designers. This will include serious interior changes. With new dash design, and less accentuated center console, Lexus will go for a more elegant and simple design of the cabin. Latest technology features, as well as high quality materials will not be missed too.

2016 Lexus LS Interior

2016 Lexus LS engine specs

When it comes to performance of the new 2016 Lexus LS, we will see few improvements. The most exciting of them is, for sure, the addition of the sportier F trims. Hybrid version will continue to be available as well.

Currently, the LS is powered by a 4.6-liter V8 engine, but new generation will bring the replacement of this unit. According to various reports, 2016 Lexus LS will be packed with a 5.0-liter V8 engine under its hood. Depending on trim and state of tune, this unit will deliver from 475 hp (for the regular LS) to 600 hp (for the sporty LS F).

Transmission choice is expected to be 10-speed automatic, for all models, including LS F and LS H (hybrid). Rear wheel drive will be standard option, and all wheel drive will continue to be optional.

2016 Lexus LS rivals

All three major automakers from Germany have their own version of the large sedan. This means that 2016 Lexus LS rivals will come mainly from Europe. Those include Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series. Hyundai Equus is also often compared with the LS, so keep an eye on this model as well.

2016 Lexus LS Rear

2016 Lexus LS price and release date

As we mentioned, the 2016 Lexus LS could easily be launched a year later, as a 2017 model. Lexus will not launch it until the end of this year, and, according to our info, we can expect it in first half of next, 2016 year. Pricing specs will be revealed further on, but the model should stay in range between $75,000 and $100,000 depending on trim and equipment.

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