2016 Honda FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle)

Japanese auto manufacturer Honda premierly showed its FCEV (fuel-cell electric vehicle) Concept last year, and this month in Japan, it presented upgraded version of this model. New 2016 Honda FCV (fuel cell vehicle) is improved version of the shown Concept, and presents the model which will start its production in March 2016.

2016 Honda FCV  Front

New version has significant improvements, compared to earlier shown concept. According to Honda’s officials, it will have smaller fuel-cell stack by 33 percent, while its performance will be 60 percent better. Its maximum range with full hydrogen tank should be around 435 miles, which is around 700km by European standards.

2016 Honda FCV will also have external power feeding option, the device which could be used in cases of emergency. The upcoming FCV is a replacement for FCX Clarity model, and it is expected to be available in markets around the globe shortly after its Japan release.

2016 Honda FCV  Rear

Interesting facts about the model include the time for tank refill which is around 3 minutes, and overall output which should be more than 100 KW (around 135 horsepower).  More information about this futuristically design and engineered model will be available as we approach to its release, so we will inform you about latest info, as soon as Honda releases some official specs of the 2016 Honda FCV.

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