2016 GMC Terrain interior, release

2016 GMC Terrain is one of the top crossover Sports Utility Vehicles in the market today. This is a modern SUV that has been tweaked to the point it resembles the Chevrolet Equinox. It has been updated to feature a powerful engine which launches from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 6.5 seconds. Without further ado, let us look at some of the factors that make GMC Terrain a powerful car.

2016 GMC Terrain Front

2016 GMC Terrain Redesign

2016 GMC Terrain received design updates on its interior as well as its exterior. One of the most poignant updates that have been done can be identified at the nose of the car. The new GMC has a grill that sits deeper in the bodywork. Moreover, it extends downwards much more than it previous predecessor. The end result is an intimidating mass of shiny chrome that is bound to keep customers excited.

2016 GMC Terrain Interior design

The 2016 GMC Terrain now features a brand new fabric that covers its comfortable chairs. In addition, drivers have the option of choosing the color they want for their leather seats. The center stack of the GMC 2016 has also been tweaked. This part of the dashboard features brand new graphics: the most noticeable graphic is the phone icon which was inspired by a classic 1970s design. Another amazing feature of this SUV is the hot spot function. It allows the car to function as a wireless internet hot-spot for a maximum of 7 devices.

2016 GMC Terrain Interior

2016 GMC Terrain Exterior design

The 2016 GMC Terrain’s front headlights now feature daytime running lights coupled with LED bulbs. What’s more, the front and rear bumpers feature new fittings made out of chrome. To accentuate the power of this SUV, the hood has been fitted with a power dome. The body of the GMC Terrain is coupled with strong, square shoulders.

2016 GMC Terrain Engine options

This new 2016 GMC Terrain will be available to customers with two engine options. One can buy this SUV with a 2.4 liter, front wheel drive engine which pumps out 182 horsepower. The other option is a 3.6 liter V6 engine. This engine uses an all-wheel drive power distribution format. Both engines are coupled with a 6 speed automatic gearbox.Fuel economy is always an important feature to consider when buying a car. This GMC will do 16 miles per gallon in the city and 23 miles per gallon on the highway. For a car in its class, this is good performance.

2016 GMC Terrain Rear

2016 GMC Terrain Release date and price

For all those who are yearning for the new GMC 2016, you will have to purchase it in fall 2015. It will have a base price of $26,500. This price can rise if you pick higher levels of trim and more options. When all has been said and done, GMC is a pretty good car that offers you value for your money.

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