2016 Ford Tourneo Courier price, engine, interior

The 2016 Ford Tourneo Courier is one of the most waited family cars. This is a modern vehicle built using the latest technology thus giving its drivers a wonderful driving experience on the road. It will be among the best cars in terms of comfort and fuel economy. This vehicle will be available in a variety of models for customers to choose from in terms of engine and exterior designs.

2016 Ford Tourneo Courier Front

2016 Ford Tourneo Courier Exterior Design

The exterior design of this vehicle will be similar with that of its predecessor. This vehicle will have five doors. Two of its back doors will be having a sliding feature when opening. This feature will allow the occupants of the back lounge to enter this car more easily compared to other cars that the sliding entry feature. This vehicle will have some unique features that distinguish it from its predecessor like a new front end with big bumpers. It will be having larger grills with in-built fog lights. It will also be having well-designed LED headlights that will be enhancing the driver’s vision even in places with poor visibility. Furthermore, this vehicle will be having relatively large alloy rims and a modern well-designed exhaust.

2016 Ford Tourneo Courier Interior

2016 Ford Tourneo Courier Interior

2016 Ford Tourneo Courier can comfortably accommodate five people. It will be available in Ambiente, Trend and Titanium trim levels. The dash board of this car is made using the finest material. The interior space has been increased leaving a large space for head and legroom. Also accessing the rear seats will be very easy. The seats are made using the finest leather giving all the passengers a comfortable ride. It will also have a 6.5 inches touch screen that will enable its occupants to adjust the temperatures. The security features of this vehicle are well enhanced. This vehicle will be having side curtains and airbags for all passengers and the driver.

2016 Ford Tourneo Courier Engine design

2016 Ford Tourneo Courier vehicles will be powered with three different types of engines. The first engine will be a 1.0 liter with three cylinders capable of producing 100 horsepower. This will be the most economical engine model. The second engine will be a 1.6 liter with four cylinders, and it will be capable of outputting 95 horsepower. The third engine model will be a 1.5-liter turbo diesel with the capability to produce 75 horsepower. All these engines will be having five-speed gears with manual transmissions.

2016 Ford Tourneo Courier Side

2016 Ford Tourneo Courier Expected release date

The 2016 Ford Tourneo Courier cars are expected to have been released during the 2016 spring. Their price will range between $ 22,300 and $ 26,900.

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