2016 Ford Territory price, release, interior

Ford is set to release a new version of the Ford Territory which will be offered as a 2016 model. It will go by the name “the 2016 Ford Territory” and will be offered in three trim levels i.e. TX, TS, and Titanium.

2016 Ford Territory Front

2016 Ford Territory Exterior

The 2016 Ford Territory will feature a new aggressive and sporty look. It will also come with a lighter body. All auto makers are turning to lightweight materials to cut their vehicles weight. Ford has not been left behind and has used carbon fiber, high perfuming steel and aluminum to make the 2016 Ford Territory body. Ford will have a lower ground clearance which is meant to improve the vehicle’s center of gravity and hence improve its stability. The front of the new Territory will feature a new chrome plated grille which makes the vehicle look more aggressive. It will have large air vents to let in more cooling air to the engine. The headlights and taillights will feature LED technology. Its roof will be sloping while the windscreen will be sharply ranked to improve its aerodynamics enabling it to drive even faster. The 2016 Ford Territory will feature 18-inch alloy wheels and five doors.

2016 Ford Territory Interior

2016 Ford Territory Interior

The auto maker has paid a great deal of attention to the interior of the new Territory. To start with, the vehicle will feature an automatic ignition system. The new cabin will accommodate five passengers comfortably over its 3-seat rows. Passengers will enjoy the comfort of its leather covered seats. It will feature an up-to-date HVAC unit to regulate temperatures while the windows will be opening automatically. The new Territory will have 2 LCD screens which display necessary information for the driver. The automaker has also improved its safety by equipping the vehicle with anti-locking braking system, enhanced seat belts, a dual airbags package and a central locking remote control system. Other modern features will include in built Wi-Fi hot spots, Bluetooth, USB ports and Smartphone integration. Parking assistance, a reversing camera and leather wrapped steering wheel will be offered as optional.

2016 Ford Territory Engine

Reports indicate that the Territory will feature 2 engine variants. The first engine is a 4.0L EcoBoost engine that produces 471 hp and 477 lb-ft of torque. The second power-plant is a 2.7 L turbo diesel engine which produces 395 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque. Motorists will chose between AWD and FWD. There is no information on the engines EPA ratings so keep it here as we will inform you immediately we get this information.

2016 Ford Territory Side

2016 Ford Territory Price and release date

The 2016 Ford Territory is set to hit the showrooms in the first quarter of 2016.The base trim will cost around 47,000 with the price going up for higher trim levels.

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