2016 Chevy Volt price, release, review, range

2016 Chevy Volt starts a new generation, and brings a lot of interesting changes. Chevrolet decided to change almost every part of its plug-in hybrid Volt, including the price which was reduced. Yes, you heard right, the price of the model is lower than before, despite of numerous upgrades. Although Volt has high sell rates in US, it still falls behind its top competitors from Toyota and Ford. Whether 2016 Chevy Volt will manage to change that? Let’s see.

2016 Chevy Volt Front

2016 Chevy Volt Changes

New generation will bring few changes on body design and dimensions of the model, as well some exterior and interior improvements. Previous volt was built on the modified Chevrolet Cruze platform, but upcoming model will have new structure, which will result in several other improvements. The weight of the 2016 Chevy Volt will be lower than before, increasing mileage of the model. New Volt will also have additional space on the inside, so its rear seats will have capacity to accommodate three passengers instead of two, which was the case with the previous model.

Exterior of the new Volt is brought to perfection. Its aerodynamic shape and sleek lines make it unique and separate it from other electric cars. Headlights and taillights come with LED technology, and shape that make them both attractive and aerodynamic. Completely 7 exterior colors is available, while Chevy offers 5 interior upholstery choices.

Speaking about interior, design of the center stack is changed, and more modern. Focus point is an 8-inch touchscreen accompanied with dial and knob controls. Volt seats (front and rear) as well as steering wheel are heated. 2016 Chevy Volt optional features are numerous and don’t lag behind its pricier rivals.

2016 Chevy Volt Interior

2016 Chevy Volt Powertrain

When it comes to performance of the 2016 Volt, Chevrolet really made an effort to provide best driving experience for its customers. Improvements that came with new generation are multiple. Lithium-ion battery pack is now lighter than before for about 21 pounds, while its energy storage is bigger. Its placement provide lower center of gravity which results in better handling. All-wheel drive system is now upgraded, and uses two electric motors instead of one, which causes weight reduction and lower production costs.

Completely four  drive modes are available, including already known Normal, Sport and Mountain, and one new which will help the driver to control the energy use.

Powertrain of the 2016 Chevy Volt combines a new 1.5-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine with 2 electric motors. Combined output of electric engines is 150 hp and 293 lb-ft of torque. The 4-cylinder engine serves primarily as generator, but it could deliver 101 hp, when needed. Its second purpose is to extend range for the Volt, when the battery is depleted. However, this unit can also be used as regular engine which runs the Volt with, or without electric motors.

Fuel economy is estimated at 43 mpg in combined ride, and 106 mpge (miles per gallon gasoline equivalent). Its electric-only range is 50 miles.

2016 Chevy Volt Rear

2016 Chevy Volt Rivals

New 2016 Chevy Volt will have to compete with already known rivals. Among them is, of course, Toyota Prius Plug-In. Besides Prius, Honda’s Accord Plug-In and Ford Fusion Energi are other hybrids which are available in Volt’s class range.

2016 Chevy Volt Price and release date

Sales of the Volt will officially start this August, 2015, but not for all areas. From October the 1st Volt will be available for entire US. Starting price of the new Volt is $33,995 which is $1,175 less than before. If you use the $7,500 federal tax credit, the price of the new Volt goes as low as $26,495.

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