2016 Buick Grand National Price, GNX news, release, specs

This mid-size sedan should be launched again, after almost 30 years long break, the only thing which is uncertain at this moment is the year of its launch. 2016 Buick Grand National could easily be pushed a year further and re-start its life as a 2017 model. Although this info is pretty cloudy, the model will, however, appear on the market, and some of its specs are already known.

2016 Buick Grand National Front

2016 Buick Grand National news

Grand National line of Buick Regal was originally launched back in 1982, and its production lasted until 1987. However one thing Buick and General Motors officials didn’t count on is constant demand for the model. Even 30 years later, the Grand National is still interesting for the customers, and on constant watch of the car experts.

According to some sources, 2016 Buick Grand National will be launched as a two-door coupe, while the basic Regal will continue to be a four-door sedan. Beside Grand National line, Buick will probably launch its GNX sport luxury version, which will also be a coupe.

2016 Grand National shares its platform with Cadillac ATS and six-gen of Chevy Camaro. It is GM’s highly-praised Alpha architecture. The design cues and style direction is not known so far, but it should be sports-oriented body shape, with specially designed wheels and accentuated front grill.

2016 Buick Grand National Rear

2016 Buick Grand National performance

The exact engine is not known, but according to some reliable sources we can narrow down the choice to three power units. First choice is a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4 LTG engine which is capable to deliver approximately 250 horsepower. Second potential choice is naturally aspirated 3.6 liter V6 LFX with more than 300 horsepower. Third choice is a twin turbo 3.6 liter V6 LF3 with an output of over 400 horsepower.

Due to platform it will use, 2016 Buick Grand National will carry the most of its power on its rear wheels, while all-wheel drive could be included into the offer as optional. A transmission choice is still not known, nor is the average fuel consumption, but we will inform you about latest info as soon as it emerges.

2016 Buick Grand National Interior

2016 Buick Grand National competition

Mainly oriented to performance Buick Regal’s Grand National line will face the rivals with same preferences, such as Hyundai Genesis R-Spec variants or some of the BMW’s performers.

2016 Buick Grand National price and release

The earliest we can expect new Buick Grand National is early on 2016, while, as we mentioned, some sources indicate that it could be 2017 model, which would further delay the model’s release to the end of 2016. Price will range from $30,000 to $40,000 while precise or closer guesses are not available.

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5 Responses to 2016 Buick Grand National Price, GNX news, release, specs

  1. jimmy henry says:

    My comment is i am afaid that gm have such a big seller in there hands and it may not come to light,The grand national is such a beautiful looking car nothing must not be change on that the car i hope is the prodoction car i am looking at

  2. Mike Prickett says:

    This is a great looking car don’t change it, it will sell !!!

  3. Rich Barbian says:

    Very nice car. Hope they build it (with all three motor options) and keep the Buick tradition of having a stylish AND quick car. I see it being like an ATS-V, but perhaps a little less expensive. But in Buick tradition, still very well equipped and a lot for your buck!

  4. Bobby says:

    Looks like that POS GTO that was released. How long did it last, two years because sales sucked. GM needs to get over it’s vet. The 80’s Grand National smoked the vet and so should this one. Make this beast look like cars of old like the camero, mustang, charger, and challenger. All if those have sold well because of the look and they are as good as the old cars. Got an 86 T Type with the 3.8 pushing 600 HP. Still can smoke most vets for an old fella. Buick is making a mistake with this poor version of a classic.

  5. Timothy Decker says:

    Im really looking forward to this being my next car to purchase. I sure hope turns out to be a vehicle that actually goes into production. hopefully its available to the public no later than October of 2016. Please General Motors make it happen ASAP!

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