2016 BMW M5

2016 BMW M5 will mark the start of new generation of the performance version of 5-Series executive sedans. The model was spied during its testing in Germany, wearing heavy camouflage, but still revealing enough. For people who enjoy the performance of the BMW’s vehicles, new generation of M5 sedan will bring interesting news, such as power boost and all wheel drive. Besides that, the model will feature some exterior and interior alterations, which will make it one of the best looking vehicles on the road. Combining the look and performance, 2016 BMW M5 is one to look out for.

2016 BMW M5 Front

2016 BMW M5 exterior and interior

Starting with its platform, new M5 will be built on a CLAR (Cluster Architecture), which was used for the 7-Series as well. This version will be shorter than for the BMW 7, but will allow engineers to shed the weight of the model. According to some presumptions, new M5 will be around 100 kg lighter than its predecessor, thanks mainly to carbon fiber usage in its construction.

Besides the info about the platform, some styling alterations of the model were seen on the new M5. Based on the spy shots, experts claim that new model will have more prominent front grille, while intake will be designed in a way that increases cooling. Quad tailpipes are still there, and visible throughout the camo.

Interior changes are not known yet, however, materials will definitely be upgraded, while other design cues are not known. More comfortable cabin, sportier and more modern will definitely be the primary goal of the designers. Features will be upgraded as well. For the upcoming 2016 BMW we can expect numerous convenience, technology and safety gadgets incorporated as standard equipment. Some higher luxury features will, for sure, be available as part of the optional packs. However, the body styles in which the M5 will be available are not confirmed yet. Sedan is known, but production of Touring and wagon variants is still uncertain.

2016 BMW M5 Rear

2016 BMW M5 engine specs

According to latest news, 2016 BMW M5 will come with twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 engine. Its output will be around 600 hp. This engine is far ahead of its rivals’, when it comes to emissions and fuel economy, but BMW claims that the new model year will bring improvements, regardless of its privileged position among the rivals.

Beside engine improvements, new M5 will have huge brake discs and will come with xDrive AWD.  Multiple adjustments are made on the model, as well, in order to deliver the best performances, including aero kit, air breathers, air curtains and downforce-enhancing air blades.

2016 BMW M5 Side

2016 BMW M5 rivals

The list of its closest rivals includes similar range topers from other automaker’s series. This means that 2016 BMW M5 will stand side to side with vehicles such as Audi RS7, Cadillac CTS-V, Lexus GS F, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG.

2016 BMW M5 price and release date

The release date of the model will vary depending on market. New M5 will come to Europe little bit earlier, probably late this year, or early on next, while it should reach US shores by mid-2016. Price of the M5 will not be small, so do not expect it start before $100,000, which is estimated staring price for this model year.

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