Is 2015 Lincoln Continental on its way?

Ford’s business plan regarding the sales of Lincoln models started some rumors about the return of the famous model, which ended its production almost a decade ago. 2015 Lincoln Continental could mark the return of an era, since new model could be launched really soon.

2015 Lincoln Continental Front

Full specifications of the model are not known, but some basic clues are. 2015 Lincoln Continental should be based on CD4 platform and inspired by Volvo vehicles. It will feature some styling cues taken from the Concept vehicle presented back in 2002, or basic idea of the model. The latest news rush about possibility for a new Continental was fueled by few things. First, the MKS model is going to be retired, so there is an empty space for a new sedan. Second, plan about introduction of new Lincoln vehicles announced by Ford. And third, announcement made by Lincoln officials about the “missing-out” sporty vehicle in Lincoln’s line-up.

2015 Lincoln Continental Rear

If realized, 2015 Lincoln Continental (or potentially 2016) should come with a 6.0-liter V-12 engine equipped with 414 horsepower. Four-wheel drive and 6-speed automatic transmission would be standard.

Regarding the design of the model, expectations are high. Both exterior and interior will be made with luxurious items and designs. It will be equipped with latest high-tech high-quality features. Design supposed to reflect the combination of futuristic look and high-class features. The base price of the 2015 Lincoln Continental is speculated to be around $56,000.

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