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Is 2015 Lincoln Continental on its way?

2015 Lincoln Continental Front

Ford’s business plan regarding the sales of Lincoln models started some rumors about the return of the famous model, which ended its production almost a decade ago. 2015 Lincoln Continental could mark the return of an era, since new model could be launched really soon.

2016 Audi A4

2016 Audi A4 Front

2016 Audi A4 will be launched later than expected. This premium mid-size sedan supposed to be launched late this year or early on next, but this schedule has been changed, due to some “lat-minute” changes made on the model. Recently 2016 model Audi A4 test mule was spotted on the streets of Germany, and according to this pictures, overall body shape remain the same, while German automaker decided to make majority of its changes on the inside. Latest version of this model will mark the end of the current and beginning of the next generation, and as such, will suffer some extensive changes.

Tesla Model X production delayed

Tesla Model X Front

Tesla Model X production start is delayed once again. American car producer Tesla Motors presented its Model X back in 2012, at LA Auto Show, and the beginning of the serial production is awaited since then. The company already delayed the start of production of the model, and in June this year, they stated that the production will finally begin early on next, 2015, year. However, the latest news from the company pushed this date by 6 months, and announced it for the third quarter of next year.

2016 Cadillac Escalade

2016 Cadillac Escalade Front

2016 Cadillac Escalade is still new and fresh, since it had a major redesign just a year before. Escalade is available in two version standard and ESV which is a version with extended wheelbase. Lavishing design of the 2016 Cadillac Escalade is the first thing you will notice, while its high luxury features, as well as interior and exterior will keep your attention for a long time. New model year doesn’t bring any major change, but couple of cosmetic touches in order to make a difference between the previous model. These changes include few more exterior color choices, and couple of features.

2016 BMW X5

2016 BMW X5 Front

2016 BMW X5 will not bring anything spectacular, at least in its base trim. Recent redesign of the popular SUV is the main reason for its low level of changes prepared for new model year. However, Bavarian car producer didn’t leave things so simple. 2016 BMW X5 will bring couple of news. Its sportier variant “M” will be presented soon, with changes we couldn’t see coming. German giant managed to refresh its already refreshed model, with reveal of its performance-oriented trims.

BTR Hyundai Genesis Coupe at 2014 SEMA Auto Show

BTR Hyundai Genesis Coupe Front

BTR Hyundai Genesis Coupe presents tuned version of the popular coupe, specially prepared by Blood Type Racing Inc. for the 2014 SEMA Auto Show. Popular auto show is traditionally held in Las Vegas, and this year, it revealed some very interesting versions of popular models. We recently wrote about Ford Explorer versions, but this time South Korean producer is the center of attention. 

Audi A9 Concept will be presented at LA Auto Show

Audi A9 Concept

Audi will present its A9 Concept at LA Auto Show, as the car producer announced. Not many details is known about the new vehicle. It will be based on a MLB Evo platform, its length will be approximately around 5 meters, and it will be a four-door coupe. This latest concept vehicle will announced the new direction in Audi’s design language, and beside the A9 model, it will show us what we can expect from future vehicles made by this German giant.   

2016 Audi A5

2016 Audi A5 Front

2016 Audi A5 will be completely redesigned for this model year. These changes will mark the beginning of the new generation, second, which was long awaited. Current model was produced back in 2007, and since then it had facelifts, but it basically remain the same. Exterior changes will include big design changes, changes on the interior and performance.

Nissan, Honda and Chrysler feature sales increase in U.S.

Chrysler cars

Bunch of favorable circumstances have contributed to the great sales results of Nissan, Honda and Chrysler companies in the U.S. To specify, gas price in the US has decreased, and favorable situation in economics provided great sales results for these three companies. Market demand for pick-up trucks and SUV models was significantly increased due to these facts, which was recorded in sales numbers.

2016 Honda Civic Si

2016 Honda Civic Si Front

2016 Honda Civic Si should bring major changes. Civic is currently into its 9 generation, and if we can believe statistic data, its generations switch every five years. Last major redesign of this model was in 2011, and since then it features only minor upgrades. 2016 Honda Civic Si is special trim of regular Civic, and the badge “SI” marks Sport Injection, and indicates that the emphasis is on its performance.