10 most economical non-hybrid vehicles – part 2

No. 5 – Volkswagen Golf – 42 mpg

Volkswagen Golf with diesel 2.0-liter engine earned itself a place among top 5. Enormous popularity of these vehicles is based on its technical skills, but looks like VW decided to add yet another bonus when it comes to its Golf. 

VW Golf mpg

No. 4 – Volkswagen Passat – 43 mpg

Looks like popular VW decided to enrich its prize cabinet with some new achievements, so this time we have two of its models, both packed with diesel power units, which deliver stunning fuel economy rates.

No. 3 – Mitsubishi Mirage – 44 mpg

Although Mirage cannot praise itself with many other qualities, including performance, but it is certainly the vehicle with one of the best’s fuel economies in the world.

No. 2 – Ford Fiesta – 45 mpg

In case you had a doubt, you were wrong. Ford has proven, once more, that best-selling awards that earn their models have been the proof for its high quality and high efficiency.

Chevrolet Cruze mpg

NO. 1 – Chevrolet Cruze – 46 mpg

Although you might be surprised that Chevy took the first position, but it is well-earned. However it is important to mention that these rates are for Cruzes with diesel engine under the hood.

At the end, it would be unfair to say that these are the only ones with great fuel economy rates, since some other model share the positioning with some of our top 10. In case you are not pleased with any of these vehicles, and you are eager to buy car with best fuel efficiency you can also look BMW 328d and Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTec.

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