10 most economical non-hybrid vehicles – part 1

EPA released a list of 10 most fuel-efficient car in the US, with their fuel economy rates, but we decided to left out the hybrid vehicles and to go purely on either gasoline or diesel engines and their consumption, and here are the results:

No. 10 – Ford Focus Sedan – 37 miles per gallon

Focus has been on these lists for couple of years now, and now it delivers pretty impressive numbers. Great design is yet another thing that sets apart this great sedan. The rated number is achieved in combination with a PowerShift dual-clutch automatic transmission, but even without it, Ford Focus Sedan gets great figures.

Ford Focus mpg

No. 9 – Mazda 6 – 38 mpg

With latest improvements made on its models, Mazda enthuse entire automotive world, and now it gained its official recognition for fuel efficiency with 9th place among all vehicles in the US.

No. 8 – VW Jetta SportWagen – 39 mpg

Germans did it! Although packed with diesel, still this remarkable car is capable to deliver high performance and great fuel economy at the same time.

Mazda 6 mpg

No. 7 – Mazda 6 (AGAIN) – 40 mpg

This time Mazda 6 gained 7th place thanks to broad range of possibilities. When armed with the i-ELOOP fuel-saving system this wonder-car delivers same number of miles as some hybrid vehicles.

No. 6 – Mazda 3 Sedan – 41 mpg

Looks like Japanese producer firmly decided to be the top choice when it comes to fuel efficiency, and according to its rates, its coming in a good way.

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